What Our Clients Say

“Working with you is the best! I just watched it on my phone. It looks awesome! This is great. I can’t wait to see what you guys are dreaming up next. I just know it’s bound to be good”

Stan Fultongoodinfo.com

“You’re amazing! 1st cut looks great…I’m really excited about working on this! Thank you.”

Farrah MullerBenchmark International

“Mosaic Media went way beyond my expectations to make my song come to life with this video. Their experience and talent in this field was the key factor for its success.”

Mary LatonaWho Needs His Love

“It is so beautiful. It moved me. Overall, i absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!!!”

Rena JacobNo Other Name

Sarasota diller
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Non profit event
Store in Sarasota
Foundation non profit


man in the shop
Inside the Laboratory filming
Animated people video
CEO reading from teleprompter
Spokesperson talking
Looking in side with study cam
Crucifixion of Jesus
Debate in studio
Cincinnati Video Production

Cincinnati Video Production provides a full service solution to any company in the local area and beyond. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and have managed to stay at the very top of our field. Excelling in video production means understanding the latest trends and using the newest technology available on the market. Most importantly, it’s about understanding what our clients need.

Our producers take the right amount of time to fully understand every client and business. We cultivate these relationships for two reasons, firstly, it makes our job far easier, and secondly, our clients often come back to us after enjoying success following the dissemination of their video content.


When you’re creating video content for marketing purposes, it’s vital that you understand the competition and what they are putting into practice. Over the years we’ve gotten adept at understanding different markets, and know how to ride the latest trends in advertising – like “explainer” videos. Cincinnati Video Production is here to make sure your business stands out for the right reasons, and to help your potential customers fully understand the product or service you have on offer.