Making a video for your business can feel overwhelming, even when you have the support of a production team on your side. It’s simple and fun work, but many of our clients here at Cincinnati Video Production don’t know what to expect, so they feel a little left in the dark. We don’t like our clients feeling anything but happy and satisfied, so we’ve laid out a walkthrough of the ten simple steps involved in the entire process. Enjoy.

1. Core Ideas

Next to actually filming your video, this is one of the most important steps. Know your audience, message, and product. Having a clear idea of who your video is going to be viewed by, the message you want it to portray, and the ins and outs of the product (or service!) you’re showcasing, is essential in what direction your video will take. We recommend writing these down and keeping them somewhere visible to keep yourself on track throughout the whole project.

2. Construct a Team and Develop the Script

This isn’t a one man show, it can be extremely helpful to be surrounded by a team of people from your business that know the ideas you developed in step one like the back of their hand. It’s also essential that this team sees you through to the very end of the project. New additions to the team and seeking outside advice has a habit of causing discrepancies, remember, newcomers don’t know your core ideas and can muddle them accidentally.

Now to actually develop your script with your trusted team. The outline typically goes like this:

·      Introduce who you are as a business

·      Present a problem

·      Address your solution to the problem

·      Testimonials (optional)

·      Call to action

3. Voice Talent and Actor Selection

The team here at Cincinnati Video Production knows how to select actors and voice actors with the right tone and emotional range to match your product, all you have to do is choose one. Of course, if you have your own suggestions that’s fantastic too! We are here to make your life easier.

4. The Film Crew Gets to Work

Filming footage and collecting media for your businesses video takes place!

5. First Cut

The part we’ve all been waiting for! You get to see the video for the very first time! At this stage, your video is already at about 80% completion.

6. Constructive Input from Client

You just saw your video at 80% and it’s time to give your first set of feedback. You and your trusty team can discuss any edits or changes that need to be performed to meet your goals. It’s probably a good idea to have a key decision maker to make any final calls if your team has conflicting edits. Remember, we know how tempting it is to get outside opinion, but the video isn’t done yet and should be kept isolated to the team’s eyes only!

7.  Second Cut

Production will take your input and do a second round of edits, leaving your video at around 90% completed.

8. More Input from The Team

This is when you will be able to offer any final edits. We are almost done!

9. Third Cut

This is all the final finishing touches to make your video perfect. It’s usually between 98% and 100% complete in this step!

10. All Wrapped Up

Phew! The video is completed. You now have a seamless and polished video to post, send, or share with the world, and your future customers.