Using video for your business’s marketing efforts is a smart move. When you’ve gone through the production process and received your brand new video, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to post it to get the most hits and conversions. The team here at Cincinnati Video Production has seen where our clients post their videos – and who gets the best results. So, in order to help you, here are some super simple ideas about where and how to use your business’s new video.

Landing Page

Social media is one of the most popular methods of marketing for a reason. It gets high conversion rates for a low cost. Whether this means posting your video to your company’s Facebook page, or uploading the video to YouTube, it’s all about exposure. Having your video reblogged, reposted, shared, or linked, increases the amount of eyes on your business. If you have a high quality video, it’s simple math. The more views, the more sales.

Social Media

Whether this means Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or countless others (or maybe even all of them), posting your company’s video to social media is a sure way to get yourself noticed. For example, Insivia reported recently that over 500 million people are viewing videos on Facebook every single day. Even one out of those 500 million video-watchers could make a significant difference to your business.

Product Page

When a consumer clicks on a product’s page, they expect to be given a simple image of the product and some text with a product description. All of that’s great, but one amazing suggestion to really drive the product home is including a video on the page. If your video features a specific product, don’t be afraid to showcase your video right there on the page. After all, Insivia found that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than have to read text. Product videos increase consumer understanding of your product and skyrockets your conversions.

Local TV

This one is especially useful for smaller businesses that need exposure in a certain zip codes. Take out some advertising space on a local TV channel. This is an amazing way to spread your name around your target area. What’s even better is that consumers will recognize your video online as one they’ve seen on television, increasing your credibility!

The Blog

For businesses that have a regularly updated blog, posting and featuring your new video on the blog is a must! What’s even better, is to create videos regularly and have them feature on your company’s blog. This method is less about exposure and more about credibility and consumer relationships. If you are a small business without a blog of your own, see if you can get your video featured on a popular blog in your industry!